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Your company have given me the most unforgettable customer experience, Thank you.
Patrick (Hong Kong) - 17th November 2016

Delighted with the racks...many thanks for your help
Chris (United Kingdom) - 14th November 2016

Very happy with the product and the instructions very easy to follow. Impressed with the customised and specific guide.
Barry (United Kingdom) - 8th November 2016

Hi, I am writing to say thanks for your superb racks. My Podium Reference is now set up. It not only looks great but has made a noticeable and very good change to the sound. I didn’t think that my Rega RP8/Apheta combination could get better but with the rack and isolation plinth it has now reached new heights in clarity. The CD37 has also found a notch more performance. The racks are beautifully made and also enhance the look of our living room so another big win.
A great British product!
Thanks again!

Received the rack yesterday Edward, set it up and just thought to to let you know I'm more than happy with it. Very impressed with the meticulous packing and the ease of assembly, but most of all the look of it. Really quality piece of kit, so thanks and I'm now on the save again for a wall mount for my deck! By the way I can't put my finger on it but the sound has definitely improved in a kind of airy, crisper note...maybe me though, I'm no expert, cheers.
All the best.

I would like to say how pleasantly I am surprised with the podium reference rack. I purchased the rack only because I could not find a standard rack that would accommodate the units that I have. I have bought/tried number of upgrades trying to improve the sound and found that even much more expensive equipment and accessories did improve the sound, but not as much as expected (double or more the cost of my current equipment and the improvement say 10%). Even though I have read reviews of the rack, I wasn’t expecting any improvement to the sound. All I wanted was a nice rack for my units. It didn’t take long to put it together and when I switched everything on, I couldn’t believe my ears. The sound was truly outstanding. Just like someone who needed glasses for a decade, finely got a pair and everything was suddenly in focus. I’d dare to say that if my system is now working at 100%, it was at 50% before I purchased the rack. It has done a lot more for my system than the DACs I tested which were considerably more expensive than the rack.
It may be classed as furniture, to me, it’s a part of my system.
Kind Regards

I received the stands yesterday as expected. All is perfect, this is a great work.
Kind regards

Hi. I received my Podium a few days ago and do not usually write customer comments. In this case I feel obliged to make an exception. I must admit I hesitated to buy the rack not convinced that the cost would produce any audible difference from my Cyrus system. Anyway, I took what I thought was a bit of chance and decided to order a Podium based on the product description and reviews - not that you can always trust reviews when it comes to your own ears. I suppose you can always try to convince yourself that the expense has been worth it but the improvement is so noticeable it's just amazing. I just can't believe how much the sound has been tightened up and how it\'s taken away the slight boominess of my floorstanding speakers. I've played many CDs over the past few days that sounded too bass-heavy before but now play so much sweeter and more natural. The difference the rack has made is quite remarkable and this is undoubtedly one of the best upgrades I've ever made. I now wish I had bought one years ago and the natural oak looks really nice as a piece of furniture too. A great buy.

Just thought i would let you know i have just received my new rack. Looks amazing, hifi installed,sounds good to,many thanks for a truly great quality product.

I would like to drop a line to say how pleased I am with both the service and quality of product from HiFi Racks. I have built my system up over the past few years, and alongside the electronics I have added further shelves to my Podium reference rack. My Naim kit looks great on the Oak rack, but more importantly sounds fantastic too. Having previously used an aluminium tripod-style hi fi rack, the Podium allows my kit to sound much smoother, with greater weight and bass definition. The team at HiFi Racks has always been a pleasure to deal with and the service and delivery has been spot-on. It's a pleasure to buy such a quality British product and I can wholeheartedly recommend their kit to anyone wanting a quality rack that doesn't cost silly money!
J. W. from Sherborne

Hi. I have now put my new Rack my wife bought me from your companey. I would like to say I think it looks fantastic and do does my wife. Such good quality. My system even sounds better. :-)
From your very happy customer.

I'm writing to say thank you for the superb racks you made for me and which I received 2 weeks ago. :-) I was immediately impressed by the attention you obviously give to good packaging for your products. There would have been almost no risk of damage in transit and all the items arrived in perfect condition. The Podium Platform and isolation plinth, which carries a fairly new Rega RP8 turntable, looks very stylish and has already drawn favourable comments from visitors. The improvement in sound quality from the turntable is noticeable. The two 3-shelf Podium Slimline equipment racks are exactly what we wanted; the first, which is placed beneath a wall-mounted TV, carries a Sky box and an Oppo disc player / streamer / DAC; the second, placed below the turntable, carries two Arcam amplifiers and the small Rega turntable power supply. Owing to their relatively small size, including the slim legs, these racks blend well into the existing room decor and do not dominate it. Despite this visual impression, I am surprised how heavy and solid these racks are. Finally, the Podium Storage unit, made to the required width and with slim legs, is a perfect match to the Podium Slimline racks. Again, being relatively small, this item blends well into the decor. Personally, I prefer the slim legs on the storage unit, especially alongside the Slimline racks; perhaps you might consider offering these as a standard option in the future. I am particularly pleased that you were able to meet my specific requirements regarding dimensions; this has made all the difference to the visual compatability of your racks with other items of furniture in the room. The oak finish matches very well with the wood laminate flooring and skirting boards. Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase. Your racks are well made, use high quality materials and represent good value. We would certainly recommend your products to our friends.
Best regards

Hi all at Hi Fi Racks. Just to let you know the Akorner unit arrived successfully Thursday and looks really good supporting our old CRT TV – all we have to do now is afford a flat screen TV!! ‘Management’ was very impressed with it – which is of course the most important seal of approval required!

I received the unit and it looks awesome. I am very pleased. Thank you for the followups.

The rack arrived today and it is now installed and looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much for your attentive customer service; it's a real breath of fresh air nowadays. I'll send you a photograph of everything in-situ if you would be interested for your website.

I had recently bought a number of items to upgrade my system, pre- amp, speaker cable, interconnects, DAC and transport. All of these made various changes in the sound and gave me the happy warm feeling one obtains from the upgrade road. I then thought, well maybe I should put these items in a dedicated rack. So down town I went to purchase the usual hi fi magazines. I chanced upon an advert and then a review of Hi Fi Racks, a company out of Rutland. After reading the good review and the unit looked great in the photo and it wasn’t silly money. Yes that’s for me thought I. It was a special order so three weeks later a knock at the door, it must be the rack, (I’d had a call two days before, “it’s on its way”), lovely, not long now, everything will be in its place. Well not only was the first impression great, and I don’t mean when I opened it, before that, the weight was rather a shock. When opened solid, strong and beautiful to look at were the feelings. After about half an hour to an hour, the job was done, it had been an easy piece to together, for me that is a miracle in its self. Once I switched the system on, well the sound had improved more than most of the other investments. Solid was the rack, now solid was the sound, everything came together. I did not have a reason to talk about the difference that had happened, the rack was telling me. It seemed to ask me not to bugger about with the whole system for some time. I cannot say that this has been the best change I have ever made but, it did make the changes that had been done, relative to each other, something I was doubting at one stage.
Thank you Hi Fi Rack for designing something that fits the bill and more.

My HiFi Rack has just arrived.Thank you very much it is excellent and exactly what I wanted – it matches our oak furniture perfectly Thanks for your time and patience with my order. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends & family.
Many thanks once again.

I am so very grateful to HiFiRacks, I say this because I spent around four years looking for the right kind of stands for my needs. My stands were not the standard depth and so classed as bespoke.The first experience that ''I unknowingly had'' of how much better these stands can make to your music sound, was when I placed the final stand in position. I then moved my Hi end Denon AV Amp and Pioneer reference Blu-ray player from a veneer stand onto the HiFi Rack, along with other hifi separates. I had about 2 hours free before I needed to go to bed for work the next morning and so I listened to some music. What I would like to say before I write anything else is this: I had no idea of what I would experience, & just thought I had a couple of hours to listen to some music before I went to bed, with no expectations at all. Whilst listening to music with my headphones on Sennheiser HD 800's I noticed a depth to the music that I hadn't heard before lows, mids and High frequencies I could hear hidden layers, a depth & transparency that was new to me. I had listened to this CD album many times before, but never like this. . . . . . The truth is I was WOWED! by this detail, as though listening to the Album for the first time. I have since purchased a Graham Slee Solo Linear latest version Headphone Amp and the results are quite stunning. I cannot recommend the HiFi Rack stands enough and intend on purchasing another stand within the next twelve months when funds allow.
Thank you again and shall look forward to doing further business with yourselves.


Great HiFi rack Looks amazing and definitely an improvement in sound. I saw your stand at Bristol HiFi show and was very impressed. The rack looks amazing especially with HiFi in it – though almost a shame to cover it in amplifiers. Will post picture to website.
Thanks again

Just wanted to say thank you, my parcel arrived yesterday. What can I say, exactly what I wanted. I am very pleased, my amps have been delayed until the end of Feb but everything is now in place. So once again thank you for the professional service and excellent quality of your product.

I've received the package this morning and I'm really impressed by the build quality and the sound of those shelves. They were really easy to assembly. I've made a first sound test with my integrated amp only plugged with DAC and I've quickly notice a subtle but real improvement in sound, more relaxing, more homogeneous, more balanced in bass. I have the strange feeling of an improvement in rhythm too, with a more steady and also more groovy timing. But my biggest surprise happenend after installing the cheesy low-cost DJ turntable a friend of mine lend me on the isolation platform. Wow! I couldn't expect such a sound from this piece of junk! Clean, steady, liquid. I can't imagine how good will sound the way better TT I gonna buy in a near future and I really look forward this day now. It was a great pleasure to deal with you. Your products are excellent, the shipping to France was really quick and your help and avalability with customers are truly exemplary.
I think my rack will grow as my HiFi will, then see you soon!
Best regards
François, France

Along with your army of other satisfied customers, a long overdue email to congratulate you for an excellent, well crafted, quality product. Not only an investment in sound but attractive furniture. Thank you.
Chris, Bristol

Good morning. All boxes arrived yesterday. All pieces present and correct (a very pleasant change!) and fully assembled (easily) last night. Looks and sounds fantastic…. extremely pleased and impressed.
Many thanks again.

Hi, new rack installed and looks very good see photos.Very easy to assemble and has improved the overall sound of the hi fi system. If you need a recommendation please contact me.
Trevor, RG1

Just to let you know that the rack arrived safe and sound on Saturday, and I'm extremely pleased with the build quality and finish. Many thanks for turning it around so quickly, and organising a special Saturday delivery for me. Another happy customer!
Best Regards
Simon J

Wow. Very pleased with the look and finish of the rack. We are very pleased. My previous rack from a well regarded manufacturer was supplemented with additional glass and granite shelves using Nordost Pulsar points and spring devices. It seemed to work fine but was a bit of a mix. My Naim kit now looks the part. I was hopping that the sound would be at least the same but it isn't, it has improved so I have a very smart looking rack and an improved sound. The additional isolation platforms provide good separation between each piece of equipment which is important with power supplies. I think I am in for a long warm summers' night discovering more from my music collection. I hope your business continues to do well and there is enough Oak to go round!!
Thanks again for an excellent product and customer service. My AV rack is look dated so now thinking of a custom made XL.
Kind regards
Mike & Nikki, Liverpool

Today we received the rack. It is beautiful and we are enjoying it right now!! Thanks! N.B. I will soon invite my friend from the music store to come and have a look. He might be interested in representing your company in Belgium. If that is the case, I will inform you.
Success with the business!
Veerle & Erik, Belgium

I would just like to say a big thanks to you & all the staff involved in making my hifi rack, it's an absolutely fantastic piece of craftsmanship, I'm chuffed to bits with the quality.
Many thanks.

Excellent job and thank you very much for such a wonderful rack. I was listening to some vinyl last night and even at fairly loud volumes it was wonderful how the rack was damping all vibrations - even with my hand on the top surface I could not feel any bass transmission - seriously good job indeed.
Many thanks again.

Rack has arrived and is now assembled and in use in the lounge - looks and sounds very good indeed - photo attached to show the installation.
Many thanks for all your help.
Best Regards.

Received the racks today and they are absolutely superb!! Very many thanks and I will be sure to send you a couple of images for your gallery when I have them all set up at the weekend….
Many thanks.

Thanks very much, my stand has been delivered and is exactly what I wanted,(how often does that happen!) All I have to do now is sort my wiring out! Again, thanks very much for what seems like a great product.

I received rack safely on Thursday.Set it up this morning. I am really happy with it,I think it looks great(so does my wife!).
David, London

Hi there, the rack has arrived fine here. I just wanted to let you know that I like it a lot - design, workmanship and looks are great!
Thanks and best regards from
Jan, Berlin

I recently received my tables from Hi-Fi Racks, i was extremely impressed by the quality and ease of assembly of them. After building them up and putting my equipment on them i realised that i preferred them with top shelf empty. I contacted Bradley explaining to him my problem, he said "no problem" i will just send you some longer legs and you can put two of your pieces on one shelf.
This is after sales care second to none.
Thanks again.

Rack arrived yesterday, all is perfect and very happy. Great service and product! Thank you.

Hi, new rack installed and looks very good see photos. Very easy to assemble and has improved the overall sound of the hi fi system. If you need a recommendation please contact me.

Hi. Rack is very nice build and finished, thank you. I've assembled the rack on saturday and since then I haven't had much time to listen - what I've noticed immediately was more structured sound, firm bass and more relaxed midrange. I still cannot value sound as a whole because components must settle down after they have been switched off for some time (you've probably heard of Naim amps and CDPs - they need to be up to 14 days constantly power on to work properly...). Biggest improvement seems to be at playing LPs - my Nottingham Analogue AceSpace sounds much better due to proper support. Thanks again for great work.
Miran, Slovenia, EU

Hi all at HI FIi Racks! As yesterday I wasn´t at home, today I went to the post office to be handed out a parcel sized as a laundry machine, containing my new rack, which I took home through the Hamburg snow in a taxi. It looks wonderful, sounds great and the wood matches my speakers. I take it as pure British understatement, you put the nice badge on the back (i´ve seen quite a few less interesting badges in front panels). I wish you a large success.
Axel, Hamburg

A quick email to say thank you my HiFi rack arrived safetly last week and is a fantastic blend of form and function; I am absolutely delighted with it.
Best regards.
Dr Wright, Newcastle

Just writing to confirm the thanks that i hope your wife passed for the TV stand. A tremendous piece of furniture and the two stands look a delight in our lounge. You have been so good at following my designs... thank you.
Kevin, Birmingham

Just to say the rack arrived safely and looks great with the hi-fi equipment.
Thanks very much.
Matt, Hitchin

The rack arrived today. Very pleased with it, many thanks.
All the best.
Neil, Co Derry

Many thanks for the unit. I have now set this up, it looks stunning and the isolation between the unit and the room is remarkable. The unit I would recommend to all who are serious about their hi fi equipment and dare I say it (don't hike the prices) far superior to units twice the price I have tried. I can forward on a picture if you wish for your gallery. I will be in touch soon for the speaker plinths.
Carl, Brighouse

Rack arrived on Friday, it's perfect. Thanks very much.

Mission accomplished.The rack arrived and it looks great. Many thanks for you help.
PJ, Ireland

I just wanted to say thank you for the rack. Its excellent, and my other half is delighted with it.
Marianne, St Anns

I just wanted to say that I'm really chuffed with the rack you made for me, it's made more of a difference than I thought possible. The bass is so much tighter and substantial.
Best of luck, Cheers.
Joel, London

I recived the rack yesterday!! Arrived to Sweden in one peace, thanx DHL =) It looks Great! Perfect fit to the units. I´m really pleased ! I hope to deal with you again. I´m thinking about a stand for my center speaker.
Best Regards.
Claes, Sweden

It arrived yesterday and is now in use, we are very pleased with it, thanks. Received today Brilliant.
Jim, Chesterfield

Many thanks for all the work you put in it's a great item and everything fit perfectly. Best wishes.
Ian, Gloucester

Delivered as promised and looks great. Thanks.

Rack received safely. Delighted with it and your service. Many thanks.
Mike Urwin, West Cliff on Sea

Just to confirm rack received on Friday - great job and many thanks!
Dan, London

I am very impressed with your workmanship and product. It is exactly what I wanted.
Russ, USA

Hi Fi rack unpacked and in perfect condition. Wife and I delighted with it and it is already in use so many thanks for that.
Mike, Chipping Ongar

My rack's installed and looking fine. I'm really delighted with it, and my girlfreind loves it too. Your racks are so much more tasteful that the standard 80's glass and chrome, boys bedroom style options on the market. You've done a great job of matching the wood to our bookshelf; I've attached a picture in case you want to advertise the point to potential customers. Cheers.
Ashley, Bristol

Just to let you now you're Hi-Fi rack for the Cyrus equipment is much admired - even by the missus - the ultimate test!
David, Nottingham

Many thanks for the rack. A perfect fit and looks great. All the best.
Chris, Tunbridge Wells

I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my Cyrus stand. Beautifully made and perfect for the job. Thanks again.
Philip, London

A note to say thank you for the maple tri-iso stand that you made for me. The sonic improvements it has made are fantastic! I knew that the sound from maple shelves was going to make the music more natural and would bring out the bass more, but I wasn't expecting everything else to get better! Possibly due to the isolating nature of the tri-iso shelves, the music has "lifted" into the room. Instruments are clearer and more detailed, the soundstage is deeper and wider, and overall there is a fuller, richer sound. I am now re-discovering new music from old CD's - which is what it's all about. Many thanks. I hope we can do business again sometime.
Tim Norton, Hales

Just a quick note so say the rack turned up yesterday. Thanks for taking the effort to package the rack so well. I was wondering if the rack might get bashed in transit, but there was no fear of that happening. I am so happy with how the rack looks and I am grateful that I had a chance to input into the final design of the rack. I agree the rack looks the part with the heavier gauge front legs, I think you get a similar look with the Cyrus kit with the smaller 34mm legs, but on full size equipment the heavier stock looks great. I will have nothing but good praise for your work, when my friends and family comment on how good the rack looks.
Many Thanks.
John, Glasgow

Rack received on Monday, absolutely first class job. All set up and looks and sounds fine. Many thanks.
Matthew, Haslemere

Rack turned up today - thanks looks great.
John, West Lothian

The rack has arrived, it looks great and fits perfectly. I must admit I had my doubts but our careful measuring seems to have paid off in the end. Thanks very much, I'm impressed!
Many thanks.
Mike, Worthing

The Rack is very good- I an very pleased. Many thanks.
John, Subury on Thames

We are really pleased with the unit and very grateful for all of your time and patience in helping us get what we needed. We will be back in touch about a shelf for a turntable.
Vern and Kerry

Just to let you know the rack arrived safely. My wife's immediate reaction was "Why did you only buy one?", followed by "It's a beautiful piece of furniture", followed by "Buy another one" (Yes I do have that many boxes!). I'll think about the shelf separations needed and be back in touch next month.
Many thanks.
Dr Iggo, Liverpool

Its arrived and it fits! Were very happy with the cabinet, its just what we wanted. Thanks for your help.

Just to let you know that I received the rack you made me yesterday when I got back from a work trip. A nice surprise! I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an outstanding job. The rack is beautiful and I really like the cherry wood that you chose. I have set up my system and, although I didn't expect it at all, it has changed the sound of my system for the better - the bass is much warmer and deeper. So, thanks once again and if any if my friends ever need a bespoke hi-fi rack I will be sure to push them your way. I have attached pictures of my system and the rack so you can see it in it's new home! Cheers.
Phil, Hove

Received the rack today. Absolutley fantastic, well impressed. Thanks again.
Glen, Nottingham

I got the rack on Tuesday exactly as you said. I have to say I'm very pleased with it - it's very good indeed. My other half was impressed and that's rare . . . she's now talking about having another one made up to hold a TV and a second meridian audio system that I have in a spare room.
Roger, Wiltshire

Thanks for the rack it looks brilliant and makes it sound better too!
Neil, Welwyn Garden City

I contacted you with my design idea based on your original design and you were only too pleased to help. Once the final design was drafted up by yourself I waited for it to arrive, each day getting more and more exited. I did arrive I can only say how good it looked, better than in the pictures too. I quickly got it set up with all my equipment, WOW! The rack gave me everything I expected and more. Firstly I noticed how the music flowed with ease, it seemed somehow slower but the pace of the rhythm was quick and accurate. Bass is more extended than before while the treble is articulate and detailed. Vocals are smooth and clear with instruments either sitting further forward or more backwards than before giving a much more live feel. As you can tell I am very happy with this piece of furniture. Thanks!
Brent, Doncaster