Slimline Akorner Rack


A hybrid of the Akorner Reference and Podium Slimline, you’ll find all the hallmarks of Hi Fi Racks quality in our Slimline Akorner. Each piece is individually handmade from solid oak in our workshop to the highest standards of British craftsmanship.

Crafted from 22mm solid oak hardwood, the Slimline Akorner offers a slim, neat and highly stable rack with optimised acoustic performance, utilising the qualities of this natural material. This rack comes with 32 mm² hardwood legs, which are removable for future upgrading and can be made to any length, enabling you to have the rack tailor-made to fit your equipment perfectly with appropriate clearance for your equipment for effective heat dispersal.

Part of our bespoke range, the Slimline Akorner can be made to any width or depth, made to the exact millimetre of your specifications. We don’t charge a premium for a bespoke size, just the cubic millimetre cost in line with our standard sizes.

The Slimline Akorner  features modular construction, meaning you have the ability to add new tiers and change leg lengths as your system develops and changes.

 Each tier is capable of supporting 70kg.


Ideal for

Naim, Linn, Rotel, Arcam, Musical Fidelity, Audio Lab, Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Luxman, T&G

Please check internal measurements of rack and external measurements of equipment to ensure the correct fit for your set-up.


Leg length

The leg height is the clearance between the two tiers, which doesn’t include the thickness of the plinths. On the Slimline Akorner rack, the base legs come with spikes, so please bear this in mind when selecting your base leg length as this will include the 15mm spike. Any leg length is available at no extra cost, enabling you to specify the exact length to meet your requirements. Don’t forget to leave adequate spacing above items that run hot for effective heat dispersal - the required spacing can usually be found within your product manual.


Isolation Plinths

Isolations for the Slimline Akorner Hi Fi Rack are manufactured from 22mm thickness plinths, available in solid oak and a selection of oak finishes to match your rack.


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