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Omnium8 XL

The Omnium8 like all Hi Fi Racks products, is manufactured from the finest solid oak, to give the best possible audio performance. With each item individually handcrafted in our workshop. Each tier is made of 27mm-thick wood, putting the new rack in between the company’s existing tiers of 22mm and 40mm thickness. The rack offers soft, rounded edges and optional hexagonal openings for cable management system The Omnium8 XL standard size is 1200mm wide by 460mm deep. As with any Hi Fi Racks product, the Omnium8 can also be built to any size and any number of tiers to match your precise specifications, with any leg length available at no extra cost.


Each Level is manufactured with 27mm solid oak hardwood offering a very stable hi-fi stand. Using solid hardwood helps with absorbing vibrations to give the best possible performance from your hi fi equipment. The Hi Fi Rack comes with a choice of solid hardwood legs 32mm & 46mm square legs and 31mm & 45mm Round Legs, which are removable for future upgrading, these legs can be made to any height, and this enables you to have the rack tailor made to fit your equipment and environment perfectly, Also allowing the right amount of clearance for heat ventilation. Changeable legs allows you to update and change your rack with longer or shorter legs if your equipment changes or you need to add extra tiers in the future


The Omnium8XL is handcrafted with a modular construction to add new legs or tiers easily as your equipment grows.

Standard Size



As with most of our Hi Fi Racks, the Omnium8 can be customised to any width depth or height to accommodate your equipment or the specific space you have. You can also have the rack with or without the cable management on any combination of tiers


Manufactured from 27mm solid oak plinths


Choose from the following finishes, Natural Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin White and Gloss White

Weight Capacity

90kg per tier

Leg Thicknesses and Lengths

31mm Round Legs (Bolted)

32mm Square Legs (Bolted)

45mm Round (Spiked or Bolted)

46mm Square (Spiked or Bolted)

Standard Heights 65mm 85mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm, the leg height specified is the clearance (opening) between the two tiers, this doesn’t include the thickness of the plinths. Please note that the base legs come with spikes, the 15mm spike will be included in the total height specified.

Cable Management

Cable management is available on the Omnium8 at no extra cost. We can do this on as many or as little tiers as you require. This is built into the plinths are the rear of the rack which looks like a diamond cut out.

Isolations The isolation plinths on the Omnium8 can be manufactured from 22mm or 27mm thickness solid oak.

Ideal for

Naim, Linn, Rotel, Arcam, Musical fidelity, Audio Lab, Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Luxman, T&G

*please check internal measurements of rack and external measurements of equipment


Our products are protected with patents from the Intellectual Property Office, in alignment with the Registered Designs Act 1949.


Awards & Reviews

  • 5 Stars What Hi Fi
  • 5 Stars Hi Fi Choice
  • Highly recommended Hi Fi Choice
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