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The Akorner Reference hi-fi rack is ideal for corner placement, delivering exceptional audio performance with high quality vibration absorption and isolation. Designed and individually handmade in our workshop, this rack features the same sturdy construction and high tensile strength as the award-winning Podium Reference with its 40mm thick solid hardwood plinths and 46mm² legs

40mm solid hardwood staves are used for every tier, providing stiffness and stability, adding to the rack's density as well as absorbing vibration. Each board is bonded concave to convex to add to the board’s rigidity. The back of the rack us tapered to allow the rack to sit in a corner. This rack comes with 46mm² solid hardwood legs which are removable and can be made to any length, allowing it to fit around your system and give adequate space for heat dispersion.

As with all of our racks, the Akorner Reference is modular with each tier designed to be placed seamlessly on to the next., giving you the flexibility to adapt and upgrade your rack with extra tiers and/or longer legs as you add to or change your equipment.

Each tier is capable of supporting 150kg.


Ideal for

Linn, Naim, Rotel, Arcam, Musical Fidelity, Audio Lab, Cambridge Audio, Marantz, NAD, Cyrus

Please check internal measurements of rack and external measurements of equipment to ensure the correct fit for your set-up.


Leg length

When selecting the appropriate leg height for your rack; this is the clearance between the two plinths including the spike. Please note that this does not include the thickness of the plinths (40mm). Any leg length is available at no extra cost, enabling you to specify the exact length to meet your requirements.

Base leg (floor to first plinth) heights with no spike can be a minimum height of 50mm. A minimum height with a spike is 65mm. Any leg above the height of 300mm we recommend being bolted for stability.

Please allow adequate space above your HiFi equipment for heat ventilation and check your manufacturers manual for recommendations on effective heat dispersal. Without adequate space this can cause significant damage to both your component and rack.

If you own a valve amp, or any other particularly hot component, we highly recommend this component is placed onto a standalone tier or placed on the top tier and not placed on an internal shelf to ensure no damage occurs.

Any component that doesn’t have adequate space and causes damage to the rack will not be liable for replacing. Please see FAQ’s for more information.

Cable management

The Akorner Reference has the option of cable management, offering a neat solution for all of your cables presented at the rear of the rack, manufactured from 22mm thickness wood which will attach to the back of the rack to minimise the cluttered look of messy cables. This can be finished to match your choice of solid hardwood.



Castors are available on all ranges manufactured from 40mm thickness wood. The castors have a total height of 65mm and come with a brake. When choosing this option please note that this will replace the base legs.



Isolation plinths can be made in 22mm or 40mm thickness. If selecting an isolation plinth, this will default to 22mm but can be upgraded to 40mm by contacting our team at info@hifiracks.co.uk or 01572756447. Our 22mm isolation plinths are manufactured from solid oak, so if you have chosen one of our more exotic woods for your rack, please note that the isolation plinth will be a close, but not exact, match in colour with a stain used on the oak. The 40mm isolation plinths will be manufactured from your choice of exotic wood and will match your selected option.


Our products are protected with patents from the Intellectual Property Office, in alignment with the Registered Designs Act 1949. 


Awards & Reviews

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Our Solid Hardwoods

Hardwoods come from broad-leaved, deciduous trees which drop their leaves every year. These trees tend to be very slow-growing, making their wood typically dense and able to withstand years of wear and tear when made into furniture. Whilst a hardwood is not distinguished by its literal hardness, with very soft balsa wood being a key example, we have selected four durable and highly aesthetic solid hardwoods for use within our hi-fi and AV products.

How and why do Hi Fi Racks use solid hardwoods?

Most traditional musical instruments are constructed from wood due to its unique mechanical and acoustic properties. This is exactly why we manufacture our products from solid hardwood at Hi Fi Racks Ltd. The wood’s basic properties and densities of the material along with the construction of the fibres’ specific modulus of elasticity (MOE) prevents transmission from one media to another. Each wood piece we use is bonded with the grain, concave to convex, in order to counteract any residual resonance.

We use solid hardwood for its wonderful properties and aesthetic, offering a natural beauty and elegance that simply cannot be duplicated. Every piece of wood is unique, enabling us to create a high-end piece of furniture that is perfectly designed for you with exceptional performance.


Solid Oak

Our most popular hardwood, delivering a punchy, clear sound highly focused within the middle frequencies.


Solid Cherry

A dense, strong hardwood with a tight, straight grain, cherry produces a rich, projective midrange and balanced bass response for an elegant, poised tone.


Solid Mahogany

A solid hardwood of a medium weight and open grain, producing both warmth and punch. Mahogany accentuates the crucial midrange and delivers good high-end response.


Solid Walnut

A less dense hardwood than mahogany with excellent balance, walnut is well-loved for its full-bodied bass, crisp midtones and sustained treble integrity. A rich, full sound.


Solid Maple

A heavier hardwood with sonically "transparent" qualities, letting the tonal character of your sound shine through for a bright, clean listening experience.


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Default Title, (D#LHTHFN5)

Our Solid Hardwoods & Finishes

To ensure your satisfaction with your solid hardwood hi-fi furniture, please note that we are happy to provide you with wood samples upon request.

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