Rack has arrived and is now assembled and in use in the lounge - looks and sounds very good indeed. Many thanks for all your help.

Dr Wright

A quick email to say thank you my hifi rack arrived safely last week and is a fantastic blend of form and function; I am absolutely delighted with it.

Jan, Berlin

Hi there, the rack has arrived fine here. I just wanted to let you know that I like it a lot - design, workmanship and looks are great! Thanks and best regards.


Received the rack yesterday, set it up and just thought to to let you know I'm more than happy with it. Very impressed with the meticulous packing and the ease of assembly, but most of all the look of it. Really quality piece of kit, so thanks and I'm now on the save again for a wall mount for my deck! By the way I can't put my finger on it but the sound has definitely improved in a kind of airy, crisper note...maybe me though, I'm no expert, cheers.


Writing to say thanks for your superb racks. My Podium Reference not only looks great but has made a noticeable change to the sound. I didn't think that my Rega RP8/Apheta combination could get better but with the rack and plinth it has now reached new heights in clarity. The CD37 has also found a notch more performance. The racks are beautifully made and enhance the look of our lounge so another big win. A great British product!


I am so happy with how the rack looks and I am grateful that I had a chance to input into the final design of the rack. I agree the rack looks the part with the heavier gauge front legs, I think you get a similar look with the Cyrus kit with the smaller 34mm legs, but on full size equipment the heavier stock looks great. I will have nothing but good praise for your work, when my friends and family comment on how good the rack looks. Many thanks.


I would just like to say a big thanks to you & all the staff involved in making my hifi rack, it's an absolutely fantastic piece of craftsmanship, I'm chuffed to bits with the quality. Many thanks.


Thanks very much, my stand has been delivered and is exactly what I wanted,(how often does that happen!) All I have to do now is sort my wiring out! Again, thanks very much for a great product.


Hello Hi Fi Racks, just a few lines to tell you that my walnut rack looks and sounds fabulous now it's up and filled with my Naim units. Good luck for the future and take care.

Tim, UK

Thank you for the maple tri-iso stand, the sonic improvements it's made are fantastic! I knew that the sound from maple shelves was going to make the music more natural and would bring out the bass, but I wasn't expecting everything else to get better! Possibly due to the isolating nature of the tri-iso shelves, the music has "lifted" into the room. Instruments are clearer and more detailed, the soundstage is deeper and wider, and there is a fuller, richer sound. I am now re-discovering music from old CDs - which is what it's all about.


Just to let you know that I received the rack you made me yesterday when I got back from a work trip. A nice surprise! I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an outstanding job. The rack is beautiful and I really like the cherry wood that you chose. I have set up my system and, although I didn't expect it at all, it has changed the sound of my system for the better - the bass is much warmer and deeper. So, thanks once again and if any if my friends ever need a bespoke hi-fi rack I will be sure to push them your way. Cheers.

Carl, UK

Many thanks for the unit. I have now set this up, it looks stunning and the isolation between the unit and the room is remarkable. The unit I would recommend to all who are serious about their hi fi equipment and dare I say it (don't hike the prices) far superior to units twice the price I have tried.

I can forward on a picture if you wish for your gallery. I will be in touch soon for the speaker plinths.

Glen, UK

Received the rack today. Absolutely fantastic, well impressed. Thanks again.

Matt, UK

Just to say the rack arrived safely and looks great with the hi-fi equipment.

Neil, Ireland

The rack arrived today. Very pleased with it, many thanks.

Mike & Nikki, UK

Wow. Very pleased with the look and finish of the rack. We are very pleased. My previous rack from a well regarded manufacturer was supplemented with additional glass and granite shelves using Nordost Pulsar points and spring devices. It seemed to work fine but was a bit of a mix. My Naim kit now looks the part. I was hopping that the sound would be at least the same but it isn't, it has improved so I have a very smart looking rack and an improved sound. The additional isolation platforms provide good separation between each piece of equipment which is important with power supplies. I think I am in for a long warm summers' night discovering more from my music collection. I hope your business continues to do well and there is enough Oak to go round!! Thanks again for an excellent product and customer service. My AV rack is look dated so now thinking of a custom made XL.

Brent, UK

I contacted you with my design idea based on your original design and you were only too pleased to help. Once the final design was drafted up by yourself I waited for it to arrive, each day getting more and more exited. I did arrive I can only say how good it looked, better than in the pictures too. I quickly got it set up with all my equipment, WOW! The rack gave me everything I expected and more. Firstly I noticed how the music flowed with ease, it seemed somehow slower but the pace of the rhythm was quick and accurate. Bass is more extended than before while the treble is articulate and detailed. Vocals are smooth and clear with instruments either sitting further forward or more backwards than before giving a much more live feel.
As you can tell I am very happy with this piece of furniture. Thanks!


I would like to say how pleasantly I am surprised with the Podium Reference rack. I purchased the rack only because I could not find a standard rack that would accommodate the units that I have. Even though I have read reviews of the rack, I wasn't expecting any improvement to the sound. All I wanted was a nice rack for my units. It didn't take long to put it together and when I switched everything on, I couldn't believe my ears. The sound was truly outstanding. Just like someone who needed glasses for a decade, finally got a pair and everything was suddenly in focus. I'd dare to say that if my system is now working at 100%, it was at 50% before I purchased the rack. It has done a lot more for my system than the DACs I tested which were considerably more expensive than the rack. It may be classed as furniture, to me, it's a part of my system.


I received my Podium a few days ago and do not usually write customer comments. In this case I feel obliged to make an exception. I hesitated to buy the rack not convinced that the cost would produce any audible difference from my Cyrus system. Anyway, I took what I thought was a bit of chance and decided to order a Podium based on the product description and reviews - not that you can always trust reviews. I suppose you can always try to convince yourself that the expense has been worth it but the improvement is so noticeable it's just amazing. I've played many CDs over the past few days that sounded too bass-heavy before but now play so much sweeter and more natural. The difference the rack has made is quite remarkable and this is one of the best upgrades I've ever made. I wish I had bought one years ago and the oak looks really nice as a piece of furniture too. A great buy.


I'm really impressed by the build quality and the sound of those shelves. They were really easy to assemble. I've made a first sound test with my integrated amp only plugged with DAC and I've quickly noticed a subtle but real improvement in sound, more relaxing, more homogeneous, more balanced in bass. I have the strange feeling of an improvement in rhythm too, with a more steady and also more groovy timing. But my biggest surprise happened after installing the cheesy low-cost DJ turntable a friend of mine lend me on the isolation platform. Wow! I couldn't expect such a sound from this piece of junk! It was a great pleasure to deal with you. Your products are excellent, the shipping to France was really quick and your help and availability with your customers are truly exemplary. I think my rack will grow as my hifi will, so then see you soon!


I would like to drop a line to say how pleased I am with both the service and quality of product from HiFi Racks. I have built my system up over the past few years, and alongside the electronics I have added further shelves to my Podium reference rack. My Naim kit looks great on the Oak rack, but more importantly sounds fantastic too. Having previously used an aluminium tripod-style hi fi rack, the Podium allows my kit to sound much smoother, with greater weight and bass definition. The team at HiFi Racks has always been a pleasure to deal with and the service and delivery has been spot-on. It's a pleasure to buy such a quality British product and I can wholeheartedly recommend their kit to anyone wanting a quality rack that doesn't cost silly money!