Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Can I have the rack made to a certain size?

We manufacture all our racks individually and by hand in our workshop, so for the majority of our racks you can have them made to any width, depth or height you want! Please visit our Gallery page to take a look at some of the customised designs we've produced in the past. You can order a rack to your own specifications using our online ordering system, or contact us on either +44 1572 756 447 or if you'd prefer to discuss your order with one of our experts.

What is an LP Pack?

The LP pack is a dedicated section within your rack to store your vinyl records, offering two additional internal legs on each side and a rear crossbar to prevent your records from falling. If you order a four-tier rack, one of the tiers will be allocated to this section if you select the LP pack upon purchase.

What is the "tier thickness"?

The thickness of the solid hardwood plinth is dependent on the range you have selected. Our Podium XS, Reference and XL racks have 40mm thick plinths, the Omnium8 and Omnium8 XL have 27mm thick plinths, and the Podium Slimline, Slimline XS and Slimline XL have 22mm thick plinths.

Do you sell the larger isolation spikes I can see on some of your product photos?

Yes we do! Whilst 15mm isolation spikes are included with your order, if you would like to purchase our large 30mm stainless steel spikes these are available to order separately in the Accessories section of our website. You can also order these from this section at a later date if you wish as all of our racks are built to be compatible with both sizes.

How do I calculate the leg height I need for my rack or stand?

For racks: The leg height is the measurement of the wooden leg plus the 15mm spiked foot. So, this is the internal height from the top of one plinth to the underside of the next - or the “gap” between tiers. To calculate your required height, check the dimensions of your equipment and if your manual recommends a certain amount of space around the component to allow for airflow.

For speaker stands: The height you enter will be the total height of the stands, including the base and top plinths, and also the spikes.

How do I work out the internal space of the rack?

The internal space of the rack is dependent on the range you have chosen. For the Podium XS, Reference and XL, the internal space for the range is between the inside of the legs. To work this out, you need to deduct 112mm from the external dimensions that you require. For the Podium Slimline, Slimline XS and Slimline XL, the internal space for the range is also between the inside of the legs. To work this out, you need to deduct 84mm from the external dimensions that you require.

What is the purpose of locking nuts for spikes?

Locking nuts for spikes on the base give a 6-7mm height adjustment which can eliminate any wobble that may be there due to a slightly uneven floor. These spikes are useful on speaker stands to prevent movement or loosening of the spikes caused by the movement of the speaker.

Where should I place my valve amp on my rack?

Please ensure that valve amplifiers, if used within your set-up, are either on the top tier or on a separate isolation plinth, rather than an internal shelf. Due to the temperatures generated by valve amps, any heat damage caused does unfortunately void warranty. We appreciate your understanding.

What does your Cable Management system look like?

Please see below for some examples of the Cable Management system in our two variants, rear-fixing and in-plinth cable management.

Can I have Cable Management on a Podium Slimline rack?

As the solid oak within the Podium Slimline is not thick enough to house the metalwork of the cable management system, we unfortunately can’t install the system on this rack. If you need a rack that offers cable management, please refer to our Podium Reference and Podium XL racks.

What is the usable depth on the Podium Platform?

To work out the usable depth of the Podium Platform, 20mm is deducted from the depth specified.

Can I have a gloss finish on my product?

Whilst your product will come with a satin finish as standard, we can provide a gloss finish at no extra charge if you contact us at or +44 1572 756 447.

Why do different woods cost more?

The cost of the timber is based on the size and availability of the tree. For example, an oak tree is large and plentiful, whereas other woods like cherry and walnut come from smaller trees and are less plentiful. As we only use solid hardwoods, we always price our products in line with the latest market cost of the raw materials we use.

Will my rack come with shoe spikes (floor protectors)?

You can use shoe spikes (floor protectors) to protect wooden flooring from the spikes on the base tier of your rack. Shoe spikes are available at an additional cost, and can be optionally selected on our online rack builder should you wish to add this to your hi-fi rack.

When is a fifth leg required on my rack?

We recommend that any rack 1200mm wide and over should have a fifth leg to ensure adequate support across the width of each tier.

What are castors and how do I add them to my rack?

Castors enable you to move your rack around easily on both hardwood floors and carpets alike, which is perfect for larger racks with heavy components. These are available to purchase separately on our Accessories page.

I already have a Hi Fi Racks product, can I add castors to this?

Unfortunately if you require castors on your hi-fi or AV rack this will need to be specified and ordered at the time of purchase. We are unable to fit castors at a later date.

If anything is confusing, or you need any help in working out your dimensions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team will be here to guide you through the process to a perfect product!

General Questions

Where can I see your gallery?

You can find our gallery here or on the footer of our website, which is packed full of rack and stand inspiration! If you find a product you like the look of, you can click the picture to be transferred through to the product page. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like additional information on the Hi Fi Racks products in the photos, such as which solid hardwood they picked, or how they achieved a specific configuration.

Do you have a showroom on your premises available for walk-ins?

We currently do not have a dedicated showroom. However, as we manufacture everything on site, we often have products available in our workshop and at trade shows to view, in addition to having our products available for viewing within our extensive Dealership Network. If you wish to see us, please contact us first on +44 1572 756 447 or on to arrange a suitable time.

What payment options do you have?

You have a choice of ways to pay for your Hi Fi Racks products. You can pay over the phone by credit or debit card, or we can invoice you directly online, in which case you'll receive an email with all the instructions you need. We accept all major credit and debit cards via our secure payment processor if you would like to pay online.

How can I look after my rack?

Hi Fi Racks Ltd only manufacture from the highest quality real hardwoods available, with no MDF or veneer ever used. So, please take a little time to read the following timber care instructions for our handcrafted furniture: 

  • As the surface has a natural wax finish, great care should be taken to avoid any liquids being spilt onto the surface as this may mark the furniture. 
  • Any spills should be wiped away immediately using a dry cloth and the surface re-waxed as required. 
  • Avoid exposing the furniture to excessive heat or direct sunlight as this will cause cracking and discolouration of the timber. 
  • Do not use silicone-based aerosol polish as this will remove the natural wax. Never use a damp cloth as this may also remove part of the wax coating. 
  • For everyday care, wipe with a dry cloth or duster. To achieve a premium finish, regularly apply a natural beeswax polish using a dry cloth and buff up, ensuring any excess wax is removed.

Are your products shipped fully assembled or ready for self-assembly?

To provide you with competitive shipping costs, we ship our products ready to be assembled at home once received.

Can I change my order?

Yes, please contact a member of the team to discuss. Please note that changing your order could incur additional costs.

Shipping & Delivery Questions

How much is UK Shipping?

Shipping your order usually costs £19.00* for delivery to addresses in the UK mainland. For an accurate quotation for deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, the Channel Islands and other offshore locations, please email us on or call us direct on +44 1572 756 447.

*Pricing for UK deliveries may vary, depending on the precise nature of the order and the products being shipped.

Do you ship to my country?

We are proud to offer international shipping via our online store, wherever you are in the world, or you can contact us for an accurate quote by emailing or calling us on +44 1572 756 447. Please note that international orders will incur customs charges for your local duties and taxes.

Alternatively, please visit our Dealership Network page to find out if we have a distributor in your country.

What's the standard delivery time once I place my order?

All orders are currently on 4-6 week lead time, however this can fluctuate. We have had a big increase in orders and quantities, which means that it is taking a little longer for the workshop to hand-make all of your products. If you would like to find out about our current lead times, please get in touch.

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