About Hi Fi Racks

Hi-Fi Racks is a family run business based in the heart of rural England.

Our ethos

From the beginning of Hi Fi Racks history, our ethos of “one size does not fit all” has run through the DNA of our company. We manufacture audiovisual furniture that will perform acoustically and fit into the available space, whilst being an attractive piece of furniture. Right from the offset, we set out our manufacturing process in an unconventional way. As well as making standard size products, our customers tell us their exact requirements and we create a bespoke product to meet their needs, and this is still true today.

When we began Hi Fi Racks, we committed to only ever working with solid hardwoods, sourcing the highest quality sustainable timbers from around the world including oak, cherry, walnut and mahogany. Due to its unique mechanical and acoustic properties, solid hardwood is the material of choice for making musical instruments.

The choice of using solid hardwood and our unique design process has been endorsed by winning accolades and awards from around the world. Within our rural workshop in Leicestershire, England, we remain dedicated to solving our customers’ ever-changing needs and making a genuine difference to their listening experience. This is truly a way of life for the team at Hi Fi Racks Ltd.

Why do we use wood?

Most traditional musical instruments are constructed from wood due to its unique mechanical and acoustic properties. This is exactly why we manufacture our products from solid hardwood at Hi Fi Racks Ltd. The wood’s basic properties and densities of the material along with the construction of the fibres’ specific modulus of elasticity (MOE) prevents transmission from one media to another. Each wood piece we use is bonded with the grain, concave to convex, in order to counteract any residual resonance.

We use solid hardwood for its wonderful properties and aesthetic, offering a natural beauty and elegance that simply cannot be duplicated. Every piece of wood is unique, enabling us to create a high-end piece of furniture that is perfectly designed for you with exceptional performance. All audiovisual components are made within our UK workshop, enabling us to guarantee the quality of our products by managing all details of manufacturing, from our workshop to your home.

Our history

Hi Fi Racks Ltd was founded in June 2007, designing and manufacturing a range of high-quality, bespoke hi-fi and AV furniture in solid hardwoods after identifying a gap in the marketplace on materials used. Using only the finest FSC-certified solid hardwoods from around the world, Hi Fi Racks Ltd now manufacture a range of products including speaker stands, headphone holders and TV stands alongside the original hi-fi and AV products, with most designs offering a bespoke service.

Being the original, and best-recognised, manufacturer to offer bespoke sizing, we can appeal to the market on a separate level to our main competitors. Our business objective began as, and still is, to offer handmade, stylish, sturdy furniture whilst meeting customers’ own requirements. The bespoke service allows customers to choose the width, depth and height of the product to suit their exact needs, tailoring the design to perfectly fit a space in their home or the dimensions of their equipment.

Since the company began, we have become an award-winning, popular brand, meaning that the marketplace has expanded outside of the UK, and that our products are now available across the globe. This is accomplished by supplying direct to end users through quality shipping services in addition to a select network of retail stores and distributors.

Hi Fi Racks

It's a team effort

Customer service is also of paramount importance, needing polite and knowledgeable employees to ensure all aspects of the ordering process are carried out correctly within Hi Fi Racks Ltd quality standards. With the office situated alongside the production line, we have facilitated regular communication opportunities to get all orders manufactured and updated, meaning all staff can complete duties efficiently and offer superb customer service as part of a close-knit team. Each and every employee plays a strategic part in the business, and every morning we have a company huddle where all members of staff gather in the workshop to discuss the key issues of the day and touch base.

Research, design and development

Design and development have always played a key role in the company’s ethos, as we are constantly developing and testing new products in our workshop to solve the needs of our customers. Always handcrafted solid hardwood, with the requirement to look good, sound good and be built to last! Over the years there have been many products that haven’t made it to market, but the fun has been in the development process - often the items that don’t work lead to the finished products and concepts that do. This process has led us to winning many industry accolades and awards from all around the world.

Your design to meet your needs

Whether you select a standard or bespoke size product, each rack is individually hand made in our own workshop. Whilst we could have chosen to follow a process of manufacturing products in bulk and then going to market and retailing these products, we wanted to make hi-fi furniture that would cater to every customer's differing requirements. As we make all of the racks in rotation, we price the same way. This means that you don't pay a premium for a custom handmade product - if it's half the size it will cost you half the price, and if it's twice the size it will cost you twice as much.

Choice is the name of the game here at Hi Fi Racks Ltd. And as anyone who knows us can tell you, "one size DOESN'T fit all" when it comes to our products!

Made to your unique requirements

"Each rack is individually handmade from solid hardwood at our workshop, so we can tailor-make it to your exact specifications. Any height, length, width or depth is available - just tell us what you require from your rack and we'll make it for you."

- Bradley Walters, Managing Director

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