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Our X 50 Speaker Stands optimise the sound quality of your speakers to provide a noticeable improvement to your listening experience. Owning a slight uniqueness within the Hi Fi Racks product range, the X50 speaker stands have a stand-out appearance with diagonally facing legs, made from 22mm solid oak.

Each speaker stand is made from solid oak with the top and base plate crafted from 40mm solid hardwood. The standard finish of the legs is the same as the top and base plinth, however you can choose to have these in a different finish for a stunning contrast - black legs are particularly popular.

Each pair of speaker stands comes with 8 absorbing dampers for the speaker to rest on, and 8 adjustable spikes.


Top Plate & Base Plate Dimensions

The X 50 range of speaker stands are available in a standard size or made to your bespoke requirements - in any width, depth or height. This means that the speaker stands can be tailor made to fit your speaker's base plate perfectly. We don’t charge a premium for a bespoke size, just the cubic millimetre cost in line with our standard size.

Most loudspeaker manufacturers have a point on the speaker that is the reference point, this could be where the tweeter is, or another nominated position. When you have established this, you can then work out the height of the speaker and stand to make sure this reference point is in line with your ear when listening to the music. This will enable you to get the best possible performance from the speaker.


Standard Size:

X50 Small: The top plate measures 165x 195mm and base plate measures 185 x 240mm.

X50 Large: The top plate measures 220 x 260mm and base plate measures 220 x 260mm.


Hardwoods & Finishes

The X 50 Speaker Stand is made from solid oak and is available in multiple finishes: Satin Oak, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Cherry Stain, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin White and Gloss White.


Weight capacity



Important notes

These stands are sold in pairs.



Castors can be fitted to the large version of these speaker stands, but this must be at the time of placing your order as they cannot be retrospectively fitted.

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