Fortis Speaker Stands (Pair)

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Our Fortis Speaker Stands are designed and manufactured to fit the complete range of Spendor’s classic speakers, and other similar monitors, for a stunning pairing. Manufactured in our UK workshop, each stand features an open frame design made from solid hardwood, enabling the Spendor speakers to provide their best possible performance.



Each speaker stand is made from solid hardwood with an open frame design giving these stands their stand-out appearance. Each pair of speaker stands comes with 8 absorbing dampers for the speaker to rest on, and 8 adjustable spikes.


Standard Sizes

3/5: Width 165, depth 178, height 655mm

2/3: Width 273, depth 303, height 455mm

3/1: Width 220, depth, 277 height 605mm

1/2: Width 308, depth, 364 height 455mm

100: Width 370, depth, 422 height 430mm

Total height includes the spikes and absorbing dampers.


Hardwoods & Finishes

The Fortis Speaker Stand is made from solid oak and is available in multiple finishes: Satin Oak, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Cherry Stain, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin White and Gloss White.


Weight Capacity

75kg (per stand)


Important Notes

These stands are sold in pairs