Duet Speaker Stands (Pair)


With a luxurious finish and feel, our Duet Speaker Stands are handcrafted from solid hardwood to match the aesthetic styling of our hi-fi racks and AV furniture whilst benefitting from many of the technological principles that allow for a superior sound performance from your speakers.



Each speaker stand is made from solid oak with the top plinth made from 22mm and the bottom plinth from 40mm. The front leg is made from 46mm² and the rear 32mm², and each pair of speaker stands comes with 8 absorbing dampers for the speaker to rest on, and 8 spikes.


Standard Sizes

The standard sizes are 500, 600 and 700mm, which is the overall height from base of spikes to top of the absorbing dampers. We are also able to create Duet Speaker Stands to any bespoke height, with up to 700mm available at no extra cost to meet your exact requirements.

The top plate dimensions are 135 x 160mm and base plate is 235 x 235mm.


Hardwoods & Finishes

The Duet Speaker Stand is made from solid oak and is available in multiple finishes: Satin Oak, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Cherry Stain, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin White and Gloss White.


Weight capacity



Important Notes

These stands are sold in pairs.


Our products are protected with patents from the Intellectual Property Office, in alignment with the Registered Designs Act 1949.

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