4 Tier Podium Reference Solid Oak 595x400mm



Please note that this is a stock rack. To design your own Podium Reference hi-fi rack with any bespoke size, any number of tiers, any tier height, a choice of solid hardwoods and a variety of optional add-ons, please visit the Podium Reference product page.

Dimensions: 595mm x 400mm (W x D)

Leg Heights: 65mm, 200mm, 150mm, 150mm

Isolation Spikes: Stainless Steel


The critically acclaimed Podium Reference is the world’s first solid hardwood modular rack, developed from the ground up to incorporate the most advanced technology for the best possible performance from your hi-fi equipment.

  • Created from solid hardwood for its natural acoustic qualities
  • LINK4© Connection Technology for ultimate sonic performance
  • SONISPIKE© precision-engineered stainless steel isolation spikes
  • Modular design to ensure future adaptability

The Podium Reference incorporates Hi Fi Racks’ exclusive LINK Connection Technology within each tier, which prevents the chain reaction of transmission of vibrations and frequencies from one level to the next, for optimal acoustic clarity. LINK allows the innate characteristics of the hardwood to isolate from the next tier, delivering an exceptional listening experience like no other.

SONISPIKE© precision-engineered stainless steel isolation spikes provide further decoupling and dampening between each level, machined to meticulous tolerances every time to minimise contact between surfaces.

Created from the finest quality 40mm solid hardwood, the Podium Reference benefits from the natural acoustic qualities of this material. The basic properties and densities of solid hardwood, in addition to the fibres’ specific modulus of elasticity (MOE), prevents transmission from one media to another. Every piece of solid hardwood is bonded with the grain, concave to convex, in order to counteract any residual resonance, improve clarity and widen the soundstage.

With each of the rack’s tiers isolated from the next by LINK Connection Technology, the modular design allows for flexible adaptation of the rack. 

As your system grows and changes, you can modify your rack to suit your requirements with removable and replaceable vertical uprights that can be created in any bespoke height, comfortably supporting your collection in style now and in the future.

Each tier is capable of supporting 150kg.

Leg Length

Please note that the leg heights specified on this stock rack is the clearance between the two plinths, which does not include the thickness of the plinths (40mm). The base legs (floor to first plinth) come with stainless steel spikes measuring 15mm, which is included within the measurement of the base leg length.

Please allow adequate space above your hi-fi equipment for heat ventilation and check your manufacturers manual for recommendation for effective heat dispersal. Without adequate space this can cause significant damage to both your component and rack.

If you own a valve amp, or any other particularly hot component, we highly recommend this component is placed onto a standalone tier ordered separately from the bespoke Podium Reference product page, or placed on the top tier and not placed on an internal shelf to ensure no damage occurs.

Any component that doesn’t have adequate space and causes damage to the rack will not be liable for replacing. Please see FAQs for more information.

Our products are protected with patents from the Intellectual Property Office, in alignment with the Registered Designs Act 1949. 

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