We'd like to say a big thank you to Jerald for sending in this brilliantly detailed review of his latest Hi Fi Racks purchase: a four-tier solid oak Podium XL measuring 1200 x 520mm, with TV bracket, castors and 22mm Podium Isolation Plinth on the top tier.

“My struggle has been loving (wanting to listen to it) all my HiFi equipment but not being able to find a rack that could hold it all. Hi Fi Racks is great because you can customize your rack to exactly what your needs are. Yes, customization comes with a cost and should be expected. However, as I searched the internet and local business, I realized quickly HiFi Racks pricing was in line with others who sold premium racks.

The solution I had built for me allows me to use two different receivers with associated components. I can switch between them while using the same set of speakers. I also can play DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, or even VHS tapes using the attached TV in a 3.1 setup. To be honest, most of my watching takes place in our home theater room. This room is mainly for music enjoyment.

The Process

Ordering – The ordering process took about a month. Why, I started with one rack model (Podium Slimline XL Rack) but ended up with a different model (Podium XL (V) Rack). As I worked with HiFi Racks on the sizing, they would run the dimensions and weight requirements by engineering. With their help, it became clear what was needed that would be structurally sound. I really appreciated this attention to detail and making sure the customer was getting exactly what they needed.

Packaging – I will just say wow! I live in Utah, USA. The rack is manufactured and shipped from the UK. My rack arrived in six large boxes. The design of the packaging protected the shelf incredibly well. Five of the boxes where in pristine shape. One of them had some shipping damage. I was concerned enough to take a picture of the box (see attached). When I opened it, the TV mount was in perfect shape because it was so well protected.

Setup – Assembly is straight forward and easy. With that said, I actually put the rack together twice. The first time in assembled it from the bottom up. When I was ready to install the top shelf, I realized I could not. Because my rack is bolted together, it must be assembled from the top down. If I would have opened the instruction envelop, I would have saved myself some time. Still, the rack was assembled in an hour or a little more. Honestly, opening the packaging took longer than assembling the rack.

Fit & Finish – The rack is built with incredible craftmanship. The finish on the wood is impeccable. The hardware is top quality. Each part is manufactured to fit perfectly together.

Overall Thoughts…

I am extremely happy with this rack. It exceeded my expectations (my expectations were very high to begin with). I believe the cost is fair for the value of the rack. The cost for these custom racks will exclude some, maybe many audiophiles. However, if you can afford the cost of a custom HiFi Rack, I highly recommend them.”