If you're an audiophile or home cinema enthusiast living in the South West, the Cornwall Hi-Fi Show 2023 was undoubtedly marked on your calendar. Celebrating its fifth year in 2023, at The Pavilion in the scenic Royal Cornwall Showground, the show was not just an event, but a testament to the spirit of innovation in the UK. Hosted by the exceptional team at HBH Woolacotts, The Cornwall Hi-Fi Show showcased over 20 of the top UK audio and visual brands. From market-leading home cinema technology to incredible hi-fi systems, the showground brimmed with the best the industry had to offer.

After our debut exhibition at the show last year, the Hi-Fi Racks team was thrilled to be exhibiting our acoustically performing hi-fi furniture again for 2023. Our stand featured everything from our signature solid hardwood hi-fi racks and TV stands to speaker stands, AV storage, headphone holders, and more. And yet again, on the eve of the show, the HBH Woolacotts team demonstrated their welcoming and supportive nature, taking all the exhibitors out for a fabulous meal - a truly kind gesture that never ceases to add a special touch to the event! We were also delighted to see our hi-fi furniture being utilised by so many other exhibitors, supporting their setups in delivering ultimate sonic clarity.

Exhibitor Highlights

Naim Audio & Focal

Right next to us at the exhibition was the Naim Audio and Focal stand. They presented an impressive setup featuring Naim’s Uniti Core, Uniti Atom, and Uniti Nova. Each component was meticulously placed on a four-tier Podium Slimline hi-fi rack, guaranteeing clarity in every note during their presentations. This system was paired seamlessly with Focal's Vestia N2 floorstanding speakers and Kanta N1 bookshelf loudspeakers – a true blend of sound and style.


Arcam's display centred around their brand-new Radia series. Debuting at the show, they showcased a range of hi-fi separates including the A5/A15/A25 integrated amplifiers, the CD5 CD player, and the ST5 high-resolution streamer. The equipment, illuminated in a captivating yellow (which we loved!), was elevated on our five-tier solid oak Podium Slimline hi-fi rack, embodying the brand's dedication to high-fidelity sound.

Henley Audio

In their usual spot, Henley Audio's stand stylishly promoted offerings from Klipsch Audio and WiiM. The striking Pro-Ject Audio turntable, inspired by the iconic "Dark Side of the Moon," was a true sight to behold - a real treat! Their setup included a four-tier solid oak Podium Reference hi-fi rack with contrasting black legs, a four-tier Podium Slimline hi-fi rack, and a pair of X 50 Speaker Stands for the Klipsch Audio loudspeakers.


Cyrus Audio

Cyrus Audio’s room looked very smart and sophisticated, offering a dedicated listening experience which featured a range of brilliant components. Highlights included the Cyrus Stream-XR Digital Streamer paired with Audio Physic loudspeakers, which was a wonderful combination complemented by a three-tier solid oak Omnium8 XL hi-fi rack. Their second set-up featured a Podium Reference hi-fi rack with an LP Pack, accompanied by Duet Speaker Stands for Yamaha loudspeakers.

Yamaha & KEF

One of the biggest displays at the show, in terms of space and size of display, was the collaborative room of Yamaha and KEF, featuring an ensemble of the KEF Q Series, including the Q650c Centre Channel Speaker, Q350 Bookshelf Speakers, among others. This was harmonised with Yamaha's offerings including the RN 800A Hi-Fi MusicCast Network Receiver and the RXA8A AV Receiver. One of the most striking features of this stand was the 100” TV; it was an impressive demonstration with Q50a Dolby Atmos-Enabled Surround Speakers, and Q950 Floor Standing Speakers. A 2-tier Podium Reference was the rack of choice for their hi-fi set-up, while their home cinema experience was supported by a Grand Stand Large TV Stand.


Sony’s display was in their usual spot downstairs, where they unveiled their A95L QD OLED TV, complemented by the TAAN1000 Amplifier – a recipient of a 5-star What Hi-Fi award. Not to forget, their WF1000XM5, another 5-star What Hi-Fi award-winning noise-cancelling in-ear wireless headphones. It was great to see Sony’s flagship products displayed on our racks, with their stand featuring a three-tier solid oak Podium Reference.

Dali Speakers

Dali, located upstairs, showcased their Opticon series, with the Opticon 1 and Opticon 2 Bookshelf loudspeakers supported in performing exactly as they were designed to by solid oak Duet Speaker Stands. The Opticon 8 floorstanding loudspeakers were incredible - so good that they won the “Adrian Award” for best stand! This display was complemented by a two-tier solid oak Podium Reference hi-fi rack.

Technics & Panasonic

The Technics team diligently prepared their stand, working late into the night, and in the morning unveiled the SL-1200GR2 for the first time in the UK. This was accompanied by the SL-G700Mk2, SU-G700Mk2, and the SU-GX70 streaming/amplifier system, in addition to a four-tier solid oak Omnium8 hi-fi rack, finished in a stunning Satin Black.

In the same room as Technics, Panasonic also made a lasting impression. Their state-of-the-art TV was supported by a three-tier solid oak Podium Slimline hi-fi rack.

Rel Acoustics

Just around the corner from our stand, REL Acoustics thrilled us with the first public appearance of the REL Classic 98 Subwoofers and the first time showing at The Cornwall Hi-Fi Show of the Carbon Special Limited Edition Subwoofer too! Their stand pulled in a great crowd with its various displays of film scores. Enhancing their set-up’s acoustics was a range of Hi-Fi Racks hi-fi furniture, including a Podium XL TV Stand with TV bracket, four-tier Podium Slimline hi-fi rack with LP Pack, and Podium Slimline Speaker Stands.

Looking Forward to 2024

From first-time reveals to demonstrations of timeless classics, the Cornwall Hi-Fi Show 2023 was more than just a display of products; it was a shared space for innovation, passion, and a mutual love for high-fidelity sound. Whether you were there as an exhibitor or a visitor, we’re sure you’ll agree that this year's event was outstanding!

We’d like to say a big thank you to the whole team at HBH Woolacotts for orchestrating such a brilliant show, and helping us to pack up as we were the last to leave! We’re very much looking forward to what 2024 will bring, and can’t wait to see everyone again.