Hi-fi set-ups are a labour of love, designing and building the ultimate sound system in order to perfect the auditory experience. To do this you need freedom: the freedom to choose how you listen, where you listen, what you listen to, and who you listen with. At Hi-Fi Racks, our motto of “one size does not fit all” has always centred on a need for this freedom, allowing you to create a home for your hi-fi or AV system that’s designed precisely to your needs, providing the custom listening experience you’ve been searching for.

Since our founding in 2007, we’ve continued to fulfil this promise, with a range of hi-fi furniture that can be created in any bespoke size, and a plethora of customisation options for you to choose from. But we’re not ready to stop there. Our new Totus Hi-Fi Rack is the next evolution, providing you with new ways to design a unique sound system support with ultimate flexibility over every aspect of its configuration.

Create your unique listening space

Begin with your choice of solid hardwood or our minimalist solid oak finishes, matching your existing furniture or creating a stand-out centrepiece. Next, input your bespoke dimensions to seamlessly fit your components or available space in any width, depth or height. Select from round or square legs with optional SONISPIKE© precision-engineered stainless steel isolation spikes, or choose bolted legs for additional stability with larger and heavier set-ups. Regularly need to move your rack around in your home, office or studio? Want to hide your cables, or add an extra acoustic boost for sensitive audio equipment? Add castors, cable management, isolation plinths, and more.

The choice, as always, is completely yours.

Performance without compromise

As well as introducing new ways to design your sound system, the Totus Hi-Fi Rack embodies the qualities that run through our entire product range. The Totus Hi-Fi Rack is precision-engineered to optimise the quality of your acoustics, with every piece of solid hardwood bonded with the grain, concave to convex, and LINK4© Connection Technology preventing the chain reaction of frequencies from one tier to the next. Freeing your music by counteracting residual resonance and vibrations for crystal clear clarity, you’ll experience a widened, immersive soundstage, with every nuance and complexity uncovered.

We believe that every single one of us deserves to experience the best sound possible - but it’s not just about the sound. It’s about your sound. We created the Totus Hi-Fi Rack so that you could take control, choosing exactly how you want your rack to look in order to perfect its aesthetics and respond to the unique needs of your sound system. Through this, we’ve developed a completely bespoke hi-fi rack that maximises the performance of our proprietary technology, producing unmatched audio quality in a truly modular design.

With Totus, there’s no limit to what you can do with your set-up - it’s the complete choice.