Over the first weekend of October, the Hi Fi Racks team headed over to the fantastic Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge to attend HBH Woollacott’s Cornwall Hi-Fi Show for the second time. For co-owners Bradley & Julie Walters, this was their first exhibition at the show - and it definitely won’t be their last. Spanning over two days, the event was the home of a wide range of leading brands within home cinema and audio, celebrating the latest innovations through exciting demonstrations which were a true delight for the eyes and ears. From Sony’s AMAX5k Bravia TVs to Cyrus’ leading audio components, flagship products were on display for people to discover.


A solid walnut Podium XL Hi-Fi Rack, paired with Yamaha Audio and Acoustic Energy.

We shared our room with Yamaha, REL Acoustics and Acoustic Energy over the weekend, and our acoustically performing hi-fi furniture was also utilised by a wide range of other hi-fi and AV brands with pride of place in their rooms too, serving as the home for many hi-fi systems and loudspeakers.


Our room at the Cornwall Hi-Fi Show, shared with Yamaha, REL Acoustics and Acoustic Energy.


Sony showed off their flagship AMAX5K Bravia range of TVs on a Hi-Fi Racks TV stand, and Cyrus had a full range of products and gave some great demonstrations throughout the day. Henley Audio had a range of products on display including their range of Klipsch loudspeakers. On the Musical Fidelity stand, a duo of three-tier Podium Reference hi-fi racks and X 50 speaker stands made for a listening room that looked as good as it sounded. In our room, Yamaha were showing off their AV receivers along with Tradition Hi-Fi, Acoustic Energy’s floor-standing loudspeakers, and REL Acoustics’ subwoofers.


A great pairing of Sony and Hi-Fi Racks.


A stunning set-up on the Musical Fidelity stand at the Cornwall Hi-Fi Show, featuring a duo of three-tier Podium Reference hi-fi racks and X 50 Speaker Stands for a listening room that looks as good as it sounds.


We saw a steady flow of visitors on Friday up to the 7pm finish, with Saturday busy all day. Hundreds of enthusiasts attended, and we’re glad to have met so many of you, and introduced you to our performance-enhancing product range to inspire your listening experience. For some final excitement to this great weekend, it was an absolute honour to win Best Stand in Show, alongside Acoustic Energy, Rel Acoustics, Yamaha Audio, Wireworld Cables and Panasonic.


A fantastic Yamaha Audio and Acoustic Energy set-up, featuring a four-tier Omnium8 hi-fi rack paired with two Hi Fi Racks Acoustic Energy Speaker Stands.


We would like to extend our thanks to the hosts, HBH Woolacott, who put together an incredible event in a wonderful venue. The show was well-attended over both days, with a relaxed and positive atmosphere, and food and drink provided throughout the show. Their care and attention-to-detail shone through, and this brilliantly organised event is one we’ll definitely come back to exhibit at again - and participate once more in their celebration of sound, hifi, and home cinema. To those of you who didn’t get to attend, we hope to see you there next year so you can get first-hand experience of some of the best hifi products available.