At Hi Fi Racks, research and development has always been the backbone of each decision we make. Right from the beginning, when Julie and I needed our first hi-fi rack, we looked around and researched what was available on the marketplace. At the time, we couldn’t find anything suitable to meet our needs. We wanted something that looked good in the house and also performed acoustically, but like most things, it isn’t as simple as that.

Whilst there are many materials a rack could be made from, not all of them are suitable. Some look fantastic, but don’t perform well, and some deliver amazing acoustic performance but just don’t look aesthetically pleasing. We also needed the item to physically fit in our home in the required space.

Unable to find anything on the marketplace, Julie and I put pen to paper and pencilled out our first ever hi-fi rack. We still had to work out the material we wanted to use, so after testing various materials, we noted that most of the best classic musical instruments - guitars, violins, cellos and pianos - were made from solid hardwood. Was this a coincidence? As such, we started to trial this material. The findings of the initial prototype rack proved to be very positive, providing enhanced acoustic performance to every item of hi-fi equipment we placed on it. We also wanted the piece of furniture to last, so very quickly solid hardwood became our choice of material to work with.

We also needed the rack to be adaptable, as I was forever changing my equipment, needing my rack to grow and change with my needs. I’m sure this will resonate with any audiophile out there! When we completed the first rack, we were really pleased with the results. All of the kit I owned fitted perfectly, as we had made the rack to fit both the space we had and the hi-fi components, as always leaving the right space above each item of kit for air circulation and aesthetics.

From that day to this, these values are the very essence of Hi Fi Racks. You can have any rack made to any width, depth or height to meet your exact requirements - and experience exceptional acoustic performance with a modern yet classic aesthetic.