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Audio visual storage from Hi Fi Racks

No set of audio visual furniture is complete without a matching storage system, so you can display your cherished LPs, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays with pride.

And whatever your preferred formats, you need a versatile solution that can grow with you, as you expand and evolve your music, TV and film collections. We've designed the Podium Storage system to do just that!

A critical success

The Podium Storage certainly hit the spot with industry critics. Hi Fi World's product reviewer was especially taken with it - to the point of finding it '...fetishistic...I...found myself...stroking it.'! He also described the unit as '...beautiful. It's a piece of furniture, fitting easily into the living room...a lovely product.'

Meanwhile, Record Collector magazine thought the Podium Storage worthy of ' explosion of superlatives', adding that '...this is the best-quality record storage system I have seen to date.' High praise indeed!

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