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Can I have the rack made to fit a certain size?

We manufacture the racks in our workshop so you can have them made to any size you want

How much is shipping?

Shipping is usually £19.00 for your order anywhere in mainland U.K. (Northern Island the Highlands, and the channel Islands are priced accordingly) please contact or use the on line calculator for international prices.
Pricing may vary order to order within the UK depending on the product and order 

Can you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship internationally please contact for up-to-date pricing info@hifiracks.co.uk

How do I work out the leg height I need?

For racks - The leg height is the measurement of the wooden leg plus the 15mm spiked foot. So this is the internal height from the top of one plinth to the underside of the next.

For speaker stands - The height you input will be the total height of the stands, inclusive of the base and top plinths, also the spikes.

Why do different woods cost more?

The cost of the timber is based on the size and availability of the tree an Oak tree is large and plentiful and other woods like cherry and walnut come from smaller trees and are less plentiful. As we only use solid Hardwoods we price accordingly to the market price of the raw material

Will my rack come with shoe spikes?

If you order from our Reference or Grand Stand range, yes, you can use these on wooden flooring, to proctect your floor from the spikes of the base tier of your rack.
Currently our Slimline range does not include floor protectors (or shoe spikes). If these are required then these will need to be purchased as an addition.

How can we pay?

There are a number of ways you can pay: You can pay over the phone by credit/debit card We can invoice you directly on line where you will receive an email with all the instructions you need. All major credit cards are accepted via a secure payment processor

How can I look after my rack

Hi Fi Racks Ltd only manufacture from the best real Hardwoods available no MDF or veneer so please take time to read the following timber care instructions for our hand crafted furniture:

As the surface has a natural wax finish great care should be taken to avoid any liquids being spilt onto the surface as this may mark the furniture.
Any spills should be wiped away immediately using a dry cloth and the surface re-waxed as required.
Avoid exposing the furniture to excessive heat or direct sunlight as this will cause cracking and discolouration of the timber.
Do not use silicone based aerosol polish as this will remove the natural wax. Never use a damp cloth as this may also remove part of the wax coating.
For everyday care, wipe with a dry cloth or duster. To achieve a premium finish, regularly apply a natural beeswax polish, using a dry cloth and buff up ensuring any excess wax is removed.

What is the purpose of locking nuts for spikes?

Locking nuts for spikes on the base give a 6-7mm height adjustment which can eliminate any wobble that may be there due to a slightly uneven floor

What's the standard delivery time once I place my order?

Currently, as at 15th March 2017, we are working at around 4 weeks from date of order for standard sized racks, speaker stands etc. For bespoke sizing, please allow around 5-6 weeks. We have had a big increase in orders and quantities (thanks to our brilliant customers) which means that it is taking a little longer for the workshop to hand-make all of your products.

If you order is only for legs only, we aim to deliver within 7-10 days.

Accessories orders we send out same day if possible, or next day from date of order.

we only use solid hardwoods, as this gives the best acoustic performance

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